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The Hotel Reed, as best known in recent years was located on the corner of Ulman Ave and Beach Blvd. Originally named the Weston Hotel then Hotel Reed, in modern times became the Gulf View Haven nursing home. It was eventually renamed Hotel Reed nursing home and carried that name until it closed due to the conditions of the building. The hotel survived several attempts to demolish it and survived Hurricane Katrina with surprisingly little damage. Time would take its toll as it was never repaired after Katrina. Then on early morning fire broke out destroying the historic hotel.
Front view of Hotel Reed in Bay St. Louis 2010Rear view of Hotel Reed Bay St. Louis 2010Back yard of Hotel Reed. In its day there was a pool here.Back entrance to Reed HotelStairs to the basement of Hotel ReedLobby area. Very little damage from Katrina.Dining area during years as a nursing home.Piano in the dining area.Dining area.Dining area.Looking down into lobby from front desk area. Last used as a nurses station.Nursing home records left behind.Lobby area with fireplace left from days of  hotel.Fireplace area.Fireplace with original gas logs from days as a hotel.FireplacePiano in lobby near front entrance.Stairs leading to front desk/nurses station.Stairs leading to second floorElevator.